The Future of
Patient Experience

The next generation of patient experience technology is here with ZOTT. Imagine a world where patients, families, and caregivers can access safe, unique content and social experiences across all of their devices. By working with patients and industry leaders for the past decade, the ZOTT team has enabled that possibility to become a reality. It's time to say goodbye to the old wires and content subscriptions that have plagued hospitals for years. ZOTT's cloud-based wireless solution is all about providing mobility, accessibility, and a responsible community to anyone who steps inside a hospital. 

Patient Engagement Content

UNIQUE CONTENT - Daily live streams from popular content creators, educational classes, movies, games, TV shows, music, live TV, videos, and clinical content all designed for patients. Also, hospitals have control over everything on the platform and are empowered to upload & distribute their own content.

Wireless Device Patient Experience

DEVICE + LOCATION AGNOSTIC - Patients, family members, and caregivers have the ability to access ZOTT content on any device from anywhere in the hospital by navigating to our web-based platform and creating an account.

Social Patient Interaction

SOCIAL - Human interaction, which is a leading indicator for patient satisfaction, is built into our platform through real-time chat, live streaming, and community experiences. From playing bingo to taking yoga classes, ZOTT strives to bring people together.

Wireless Network Capability

THIN CLOUD-BASED CLIENT APPROACH - After ZOTT implementation, the content consumption process becomes wireless and the existing hospital infrastructure can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the ZOTT platform is updated and maintained remotely in real time.

Curated Safe Content

SAFETY + TRUST - A team of ZOTT moderators reviews all content and interactions on the platform. Patients and families can be confident that all content will be appropriate and age-filtered, while hospitals can trust the content being displayed in their facility.