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The Future of
Patient Experience


The next generation of patient experience technology is here with ZOTT. Imagine a world where patients, families, and caregivers can access safe, unique content and social experiences across all of their devices. By working with patients and industry leaders for the past decade, the ZOTT team has enabled that possibility to become a reality. It's time to say goodbye to the old wires and content subscriptions that have plagued hospitals for years. ZOTT's cloud-based wireless solution is all about providing mobility, accessibility, and a responsible community to anyone who steps inside a hospital. 

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UNIQUE CONTENT - Daily live streams from popular celebrities & content creators, an array of classes from coding to art, movies, games, TV shows, music, live TV, YouTube videos, a dedicated Minecraft server, and clinical & educational content all designed for patients. Also, hospitals are empowered to upload and manage their own content.

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DEVICE + LOCATION AGNOSTIC - Patients, family members, and caregivers have the ability to access ZOTT content on any device from anywhere in the hospital environment.

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SOCIAL - Human interaction, which is a leading indicator for patient satisfaction, is built into our platform through real-time chat, live streaming, and community experiences. From watching movies together in a virtual space to taking online classes as a group, ZOTT strives to bring people together.

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THIN CLOUD-BASED CLIENT APPROACH - After ZOTT implementation, the content consumption process becomes wireless and the existing hospital infrastructure can be reduced significantly. Furthermore, the ZOTT platform is updated and maintained remotely in real time.

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SAFETY + TRUST - A team of ZOTT moderators review all content and interactions to ensure a safe hospital environment. Patients and families can be confident that they will not be exposed to inappropriate material or behavior, while hospitals can trust the content being displayed in their facility.


Our Solution


Our Story

During his five-year battle with a -then- terminal cancer diagnosis, Taylor Carol witnessed the immense impact that video games,  entertainment, and educational technology can have on patients’ lives. Inspired, Taylor and his father Jim Carol founded a non-profit committed to leveraging gaming, technology, and innovation to empower patients to play, learn, and socialize. Despite missing nearly five years of school, Taylor, now a 23-year old Harvard Graduate, and Jim have taken GameChanger Charity from a garage hobby to an international endeavor, partnering with top tech leaders and influencers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Activision, Hasbro, Northwestern Mutual, Markiplier, Will Ferrell, and Twitch to impact the lives of tens of thousands of patients.

Witnessing the desperate need for these services, the GameChanger team resolved to create businesses around the charity, to both promote the GameChanger vision into the for-profit space and to ensure that GameChanger Charity always had the means to support its patient populations. In recent years, the GameChanger team has created ZOTT, a for-profit subsidiary owned in majority by GameChanger Charity. Both the ZOTT and GameChanger teams are thrilled to re-imagine the ways in which the for-profit and non-profit sectors can harness technology to change patients’ lives forever.


OUr Technology

The ZOTT platform uniquely blends the best cloud-based and deployed server appliance technologies to strike a refined balance across performance, edge network resources, on-premises footprint, and overhead management for our clients.


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides the following benefits:

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SECURITY - Our cloud-based platform is built using leading cloud provider safeguards to protect client data. Data is protected at rest and in transit and stored in highly secure partner data centers. Thanks to encrypted technology architecture, access is only available to hospital patients.

COST EFFICIENCY - By moving many services to the cloud, our solution reduces the high cost of space, power, cooling, and personnel costs associated with operating and maintaining local hardware.

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AGILITY - A cloud-based product environment allows us to continuously improve and grow the ZOTT product. It also reduces the time it takes to deploy new features, update security, or add new content from weeks to just minutes.


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RESILIENCE - Beyond traditional disaster recovery, our cloud-based platform provides strong resilience to outages and data loss by distributing applications and data across secured data centers and geographies.

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ZOTT utilizes a BRING-YOUR-OWN-DEVICE model that reduces support and maintenance costs for hospitals while allowing access to our content anywhere in the hospital environment. After ZOTT has been implemented within a facility, anyone within the hospital can consume content through their preferred device without worrying about wires or restrictive hardware. Our platform is broadly compatible with popular browsers, devices, and operating systems. Live TV, premium movies, original live streaming content, and curated short-form videos can be streamed to Apple and Microsoft Windows-based computers, iOS and Android tablets, or smartphones. 


Curated + Original Content

ZOTT creates a safe space for patients and families enabling a walled-garden experience through a combination of privacy, curation, and moderation. Inside this walled garden we provide opportunity for entertainment, play, learning, and socializing - fostering a sense of community and togetherness through safe meaningful interactions.

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LIVE STREAMING - The most popular streaming channels and stars, plus exclusive streams for our patient communities.


LIVE TELEVISION - Watch popular networks live, including local stations, family-friendly networks and live sports, powered by DIRECTV.


PREMIUM MOVIES - Huge catalog, unlimited viewing — including new releases, family-friendly films and documentaries.


GAMES - A curated selection of popular games you can play on your devices.


CURATED YOUTUBE LIBRARY - ZOTT’s team of content curators manually vets and uploads hours of fun, trusted video content daily across a range of interests.


CUSTOM MINECRAFT SERVER - Built exclusively for patient communities, ZOTT’s Minecraft playground lets hospitalized patients play, learn and form friendships in a secure, closely moderated environment.


LEARNING - Lessons in math and science, software coding and music instruction mean there’s always a lot to discover and learn.


CLINICAL OVERVIEWS - With the support of comic book creators and clinical animation producers, we’ve helped make understanding illness and treatment clearer and much less scary.

MUSIC - Songs, videos, exclusive artist interviews, music lessons, and in-hospital concerts by popular artists across genres.

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Leadership + Partners

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Paul Pickle

Paul is a proven leader, operator, and philanthropist. He was formerly the President and COO of Microsemi, a Nasdaq listed company, where he grew the organization's valuation to over $10B during his 21-year tenure and managed over 5,000 employees. Furthermore, Paul does extensive charity work in Africa including building schools for underprivileged youth. His business acumen and dedication to social good make him the perfect leader for ZOTT. 

brian hodous.jpg

Brian Hodous 

Having spent extensive time in senior management positions across the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, it was no surprise when Brian was selected to be the VP of Global Sales for Cadbury Schweppes. From there, he went on to become the Chief Customer Officer of Activision Blizzard for over a decade. After witnessing the impact that cancer had on his family, Brian sought out a career path that would lead to significance and meaningful social impact. This journey led him to ZOTT. 

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Jonathan Shipman

After spending over ten years performing infrastructure engineering and network architecture for companies like eBay and YouTube, Jon became a founding member and lead engineer for Twitch. When Jon's son was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3, he became dedicated to improving the hospital experience for his son, his family, and the caregivers. That passion has only continued to grow and now Jon is committed to improving the patient experience through ZOTT. 



ZOTT team...we are forever grateful for y’all.
— Methodist Children's Hospital
Brittany teenage patient playing on ZOTT.jpg
ZOTT is the best thing that has happened for me during my hospital stay.
— Brittany, Patient at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital

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